Friday, May 23, 2008


Help deconstruct the world and unite.
Free yourself from the borders and stereotypes created by beliefs and rules.
Leave your mind open, free from judgment,
for those opinions are not your own. Be aware without judgment.
we are all equal and the same.

tear down the borders to become one world

Thursday, May 22, 2008


No organization, no president, no political group, religion, or constructed plan will end our wars. The only one that can is YOU! It is you that are responsible for deaths, hunger, war, and anger. It is you that must wake but and be aware of these stereotypes, rules, boundaries. It is you that must give up all your material values, money, possessions, opinions, greed, power, not only materially but in your thoughts and feelings.
We are fed on beliefs, ideas and dogmas and therefore we breed discontent. we as human beings must either pursue the path of constant conflict and continuous wars, which are the result of our everyday action, or else see the causes of war and turn our back upon them.
Obviously what causes war is the desire for power, position, prestige, money; also the disease called nationalism, worship of a flag; and the disease of organized religion, the worship of dogma. All these are the causes of war; if you as an individual belong to any of the organized religions, if you are greedy for power, if you are envious, nationalistic, you are bound to produce a society, which will result in destruction. So again it depends upon you and not on the leaders, organizations, presidents, or religions.

YOU are नोथिंग बुत ZOMBIES

Know that basic comforts could be easily met for all humans on the planet, were it not for the imbalance of resources created by the insane and hungry gluttonous need for more. Selfish Zombies find collective expression in the economic structures of this world, such as the huge corporations, which are egotistical zombie entities that compete with each other for more. Their only blind aim is profit $$$ and will pursue that aim with absolute ruthlessness. Nature, animals, people, even their own employees, are no more than digits on a balance sheet, lifeless objects to be used, then discarded. Free your self!